Wooden Houses from Russia
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The projects of Log Houses Стройэкология
Русский. Строительство деревянных домов, бань.

Profiled squared beams houses

The squared section beams as well as machine made log is made by machine processing of resinous breeds of trees of natural humidity: a pine, fur-tree, larch.

You can mount the house independently, because profiled beam 120 х 140 mm is made in industrial conditions and the high accuracy of processing excludes an opportunity of skews and unjunction of beams. Beams are processed by antiseptics and anti-fire composition that guarantees long life to your house.

The walls of profiled beam of a type a thorn - groove with warming of an ecologically clean material - linen strip do not pass a moisture, are not blown and perfectly protect from colds. For more rigid design at assembly on all length of walls in the chess order are established thorns (width 25 mm, thickness 30 mm, height of 180-200 mm).

According to your desire assembly of houses can be carried out by the representatives of our firm.

Squared section beams house

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