Wooden Houses from Russia
Designing and Construction

The projects of Log Houses Стройэкология
Русский. Строительство деревянных домов, бань.

Hand-made log houses

Russian style

Centuries-old traditions, exclusive variant, highest accuracy of adjustment.

For hand made houses we use ecologically clean high-quality wood not infected by wooden-graver and fungi. Wood has humidity 80-90 %. It is easy in processing and is less deformed at natural drying in the assembled house.

Logs with diameter 240 - 360 mm has manual preparation: trimming, making the cups (logs junction) and grooves, polishing, processing by a plane. The log thickness (i.e. walls) speaks for itself - it is warmly, reliably and allows during making a house to receive longitudinal grooves width necessary on climatic conditions:

  • 100 mm for temperature -20 C

  • 120 mm for temperature -30 C

  • 140-160 mm for temperature -40 C

(Groove width is 2/3 of log diameter)

We carry out the angular log connections both in "oblo" and in "lapa". Rows of logs are connected on length by thorns through 1000-1500 mm for durability. Logs are processed by antiseptic. We use for hand made houmes a fur-tree, pine, larch.

According to your desire mounting of houses can be carried out by the representatives of our firm.

Logs constraction 'lapa'

Logs constraction 'oblo'

Norwegian style "Lafet"

We use also other style of hand made houses which is popular in northern countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland.

Distinctive features of this style are: other log section (log is trimmed on two sides on all length) and angular connection which is carried out ' by the Norwegian lock '.

The Norwegian style allows to increase internal volume of a apartment. The houses look of high quality, gracefully and do not require the outside plating.

Logs constraction 'LAFET'

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