Wooden Houses from Russia
Designing and Construction

The projects of Log Houses Стройэкология
Русский. Строительство деревянных домов, бань.

   Already soon 10 years the employees of our firm are engaged professionally in designing, manufacturing and delivery of log and frame houses for habitation, as in Russia, and abroad. For this time our houses have appeared in Germany, Italy, Norway, Finland.

Distinctive feature of our manufacture is the combination of manual work and modern technology which allows to receive the products adequate world quality standards and exacting taste. We build hand made houses in 'Russian' and 'Norwegian' styles, machine made round section log houses and profiled squared section beams houses and also frame ones.

We represent more than 50 original projects of the various size and design developed by the architects of our firm on a choice to the customer. Executed, mainly, in traditional ' Russian style ' these houses decorated with ingenious carving are our pride and pleasure for their owners.

Healthy ecology, perfect design and low price for log home derivate constant interest not only directly at the buyers, but also at the intermediaries ready to advance our production in the market. Our firm is interested in development of the similar relations. We are ready to stimulate the wholesale buyers by system of the discounts, and to the constant partners to give dealer's rights. The reliance of our own production gives us hope for an establishment of new mutually advantageous connections and contacts. We wait for your offers on construction and partnership.

The house made of the most ecologically clean material - natural tree - your House!

  • the stylish project
  • flexible system of construction
  • economy of energy
  • a manufacturing with execution of the modern machine equipment
  • methods of constructions promoting creativity
  • construction in short terms
  • the simple marks facilitates realization of fast assembly
  • the Swedish technology Timber Flexi

The facade, which approaches to any house …

  • can be used for walls of any type
  • log house of an especial design
  • the ideal plating of a facade at construction of new houses irrespective of the firm - manufacturer
  • the plating of a facade is suitable for reconstruction and performance of extensions

Logs, engineering, knowledge - and also cost!!

  • fur-tree or pine logs processed for achievement of the best form and quality
  • the patented design, connection "thorn - groove"
  • rigid, precise and strong corners agrees to old traditions
  • an air layer between a frame and log facade
  • allocated and isolated round бревна by a diameter 170-200мм
  • competence and responsibility working, building house

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