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Glued (Laminated) wooden beams

Using of laminated beams as a material for walls isn’t a novelty yet. Log houses made of laminated beam become more and more popular in Europe

Walls made of laminated beam 200 mm wide provide good thermal insulation properties at temperatures from -35C to +40C.

Laminated wood beam is a reliable and durable construction material which keeps all the best qualities of lumber. Thereby it almost doesn't suffer from weather.

Only quarter section pieces of northern pine are used for producing the beams, which are glued so as growth rings are set in different directions. It nullifies inner tension and reduces season deformation and chapping. Quantity of pieces is from 2 to 6.

Northern pine is used as a material for making the beams. By for harsh weather conditions and slow growth, the wood structure and its center are much tighter than southern and central Russian wood has

Advantages of laminated beam:

  • high durability, low aptitude to deformation;
  • the beam is about 11-14% wet and therefore it doesn't shrink and chap;
  • laminated beam can have wide profile and be more than 6 m long because of possibility of jointing.
  • manufacture of long beams with greater section is possible;


  • high cost which is much higher than cost of natural material;

Recommended width of walls of houses made for long time dwelling is more than 90 mm.

Glued Laminated beem - 5 layers

Glued Laminated beem - 6 layers

Photo of Glued Laminated beem - 5 layers

Photo of Glued Laminated beem - 5 layers
Details from Laminated beem
Photo of Glued Laminated beem - 5 layers

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