Wooden Houses from Russia
Designing and Construction

The projects of Log Houses Стройэкология
Русский. Строительство деревянных домов, бань.


The prices for the typical houses

The approx price of the typical house may be calculated as the set price in table 1 multiplied on a total area of the house (values in the names of the projects). For example for d160: cost of the "Initial" set from machine-made logs is equal: 160*140 = 22400 Euro

"Full set" and "Initial set" - see in the common specification.

Cost of the foundation, roofing material, engineering communications, delivery and the montage are not included in the price.

  • Architectural project (3d view, facades, plans, section, windows and doors specifications) : EURO 4 /sq.m
  • Construction documentation : EURO 4,5 /sq.m

Approx cost of montage (Full set) - EURO 80 - 100 / sq.m. Cost is determined from 9 Euro/hour on one worker. Travel, a meal and residing due to the Customer.

Roofing material : is delivered by the separate order or can be included in cost as agreed with the customer. Similarly - roofing works: (6-7Euro/m2)

Approx price for sq.m of the house area. Table 1

Type of Processing for walls material Initial set, EURO for 1sq.m Full set, EURO for 1sq.m
Machine made round logs d=20 cm 140 320
Profiled squared section beams, 12,5х14 cm 150 330
Hand made logs, traditional "round" style, d=24-36 cm 240 420
Hand made logs, "flat" norwegian style, w=20 cm h=24-36 cm 250 430
A dry glued beams ( laminated ) w=9 cm, h=12 cm 140 320
A dry glued beams ( laminated ) w=12 cm, h=12 cm 190 370
A dry glued beams ( laminated ) (external walls - w=20 cm, internal walls - w=12 cm), h=14 cm 330 510



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