Wooden Houses from Russia
Designing and Construction

The projects of Log Houses Стройэкология
Русский. Строительство деревянных домов, бань.

Frame houses

These houses to build more easy and less expensive. The walls of frame houses require much less wood than the log walls but thus do not concede in heat and sound-proof properties. The frame houses are mounting quickly and perfectly looked.

The frame consists of bottom and top edging in chain-stitch, walls, cross brace of rigidity and such auxiliary elements as the intermediate racks and colar beams, between which have window and door apertures. The carrying racks of a frame are put on distance from 0.5 up to 1.5 м. The assembled frame of a house is sheathed outside by boards with thickness 20 - 25 mm nailed to racks by nails 80 - 100 mm.

For warming,the walls of a frame house are filled by various rolled dense materials (probably in use warming plates). Rolled and plate materials fasten to a farme.

According to your desire we can mount the frame house, using your project.

Wooden frame house

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